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Greetings from the Event Stewards in the Shire of Corvaria!

The Reign of Sir William Geoffrey, Rogue Prince and Her Radiant Highness Diana de Winterton draws to a close. The time to call forth the Tanist and Tanista to take their rightful place on the Gryphon Thrones and receive the Coronet of the Summits in Beautiful Corvaria  will occur in conjunction with Corvaria’s 20th Anniversary. Let them eat Cake, and Celebrate! June 19th - 21st 2015

There shall be something for everyone. 

- Ithra classes for the advancement of much knowledge...
-Artisan's Alley for the working of many Skilled Trades...

-A Reliquary Museum displaying artifacts from the past...
-Much Heraldic Display and Pageantry...
-Merchants... to relieve you of coin!

*This is a tentative list of what we are hoping to offer*


Competitions, Prove your prowess!!
-Tournament of Champions, All past and present Defenders (Branch and Principality alike) are invited to compete to determine the one true Champion of Champions

-Cream to Butter Race! Churn your cream to butter the fastest for fabulous prizes!
-Dirty Dozen Largess, Your creations shall win you a prize, whilst filling the principality largess chest.


Site fee is $20 per adult (18 and over), no family cap, no minor fee, and no merchant fee.


The event will be held at the Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center located in the city of Redmond.

qrcode.22729481.pngTake the Yew exit off HWY 97 and turn east onto SE Airport Way.


**Site is entirely outdoors. Clean Restroom facilities, Flat grassy ground** 
***The Morgan Horse Show will be happening next door, step away and catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures***

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