My name is sam klein, and i am an artist living in portland, oregon. i have been taking art classes since i was 7, so combined with my relatively short attention span, i have played around with a lot of different types and ways to do art, and communicate creatively. i have painted small stuff and big stuff. i find it far more interesting to keep on exploring new territory, than to just focus on one thing. this idea is what lead me to start working with screws. i have always been interested in circles more than squares and rectangles. corners are just so... conventional. i think a bunch of circles on a wall is infinitely more visually appealing than some sterile set of boxes all hung at precisely eye level. anyway, from circles i moved to spirals and patterns. i started using screws more and more, and here i am, 8 years later, and still fascinated by what can be accomplished simply using 5 different sizes of screws. square grids, triangle grids, concentric circles, radiating patterns, spirals, and we havent even mentioned painting the screws yet. anyway, this is the page of my work. old and new, paints and screws. please enjoy. 

thank you,
Sam Klein 

This site is under heavy construction. Stay tuned for something as unique as sam's art 

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